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✘ Added theme: TROPICA (8/14/12)

✘ Added theme: IVORY (8/12/12)

✘ Added theme: CONCRETE (8/6/12)

✘ Fixed theme: SUMMER!(title no longer scrolls down)

✘ Added theme: SUMMER! (8/3/12) **Favorite!**

✘ Added theme: YESTERDAY (8/2/12) **Favorite!**

✘ You can now request banners! Please read the rules and submit correctly!

✘ Added theme: TYPOGRAPHY (8/1/12)

✘ Added theme: LETHARGY (7/30/12)

Questions? Read my FAQ!

Anonymous: your code for ivory isn't working ;(

It seems to be working for me, are you doing it right?

objectiive: no its not one of urs

Then I can’t help you. Each coders code for columns is different.

objectiive: do u possibly know how to change my theme to a four column?

Are you using one of my themes?

whisper-of-the-hope: hey if you have time and think of doing some tutorials can you make a tutorial on how to remove already automatic cursor that comes along with the theme? that would be really helpful, thank you.

I can definitely try!

ayyeitsanisa: Hey, your themes are absolutely great! But I have a small problem. Whenever I reblog something I the post has a huge space beneath it on my blog where the source is and I have no Idea why. I think I have the Ivory theme. I just wanted to ask Is it something I'm doing wrong? Or is it to do with the theme? Thank you so much!

Most likely a theme bug. Try re-copying and pasting the code.

Anonymous: I REally like your theme yesterday but dont know how to get it

Click “themes” then click the theme you want. Click “code” then copy that code. Paste it in the HTML box when you click customize.

shady-god: Hiiii, i really ned a white theme with one column. I had on called bird on a wire, but the sidebar was not pretty i really like your themes!<3

I can make it, consider purchasing it?

Anonymous: I'm ya know, I want to ask for a theme. Um, with 1 or 2 columns, and with a title, there's a sidebar image(it's not too big.) and it's hover description. okay it's simple but um thanks/ -Muffin

You can get any custom theme buy hovering over “custom themes” and purchasing one.

the-rainy-daze: hi! I'm using your theme "tropical" and there's only four links but i'd like to add more, is their any way I can do that?

Simple link code. Google it.

irrevocable-words: hey i've got a question, so i'm using the yesterday theme for a while now and i would like to only have three columns instead of four. I already tried to change it by myself but i couldn't. Can you tell me which part of the html i have to change? that would help a lot, thank you

The code is complicated. How extensive is your knowledge of HTML?

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